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i really want to stomp reggie miller out

@ Game 1 Knicks pacers last year everyone cheered Reggie sucks and it didn’t stop for over ten minutes. Dude wasn’t even there, hilarious.

crownprince81 asked: Peace bro. How in the hell is Bernard Hopkins still going on strong at 49? He just unified titles some days ago. I'm amazed at him.


Bernard Hopkins is the Batman of boxing. He doesn’t have super powers (God given superior talent in terms of power, reflexes, etc). So he compensates for that by being the greatest tactician in boxing history. He puts an inordinate amount of time and effort into nutrition, conditioning and film study. 

He probably knows his opponents better than they do by the time he gets in the ring. 

Its really a shame the sports media isn’t giving him more attention for what he’s doing.